Wacky Wednesdays

via fishfoodblog.com photo credit:kate spade ad

In my senior year of high school, I remember going to a friend’s house nearly every Wednesday along with some of our other friends. It was a nice mid-week break to see friends for a couple of hours.

His parents would order pizza from Hungry Howie’s Wacky Wednesday special menu.

Think about it, they have taco pizza. The name is fitting!

Oh, I miss those days.

My Wednesday nights now consist of Top Chef with the hubby

and catching up on a

Teen Mom or a Real Housewives episode I may have missed.

Yeah, it is still a wacky Wednesday in these parts.

PS – I would love to hear how you get over the mid-week hump!



2 Comments to “Wacky Wednesdays”

  1. Jas says :Reply

    what a fun picture!

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Isn’t it?! It’s an old Kate Spade ad. I love it.

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