One of the most popular questions I have received is what type of cravings, if any, have I had during this pregnancy. I don’t think I have any weird ones per se but what is strange is how particular the cravings can be.

Here are the 3 staples in my life right now:

1. Teffy came over one day and had stopped at the deli beforehand. She got a cuban sandwich and a bag of these chips. I was hooked from that moment on. You will find this in my pantry on any given day of the week. It has actually replaced my salt & vinegar chips addiction.

2. The most cliche craving, ice cream, is my Achilles’ heel. I’ve always loved ice cream but my desire for it is insatiable. Early on, Jimmy brought me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra and it is the most divine store bought ice cream I have ever had. I know I am exaggerating but seriously, it was that good. Best of the ice cream world – vanilla, chocolate, caramel. When he went to go buy it for me again, it was nowhere to be found. It was the worst thing I experienced. Exaggerating again. Just last week, he found it at the 7-Eleven around the corner and stocked up. Love him.

3. Chipotle. I am a very lucky girl. I have a dad who is self-employed and if I asked him to, would pick up a burrito bowl from Chipotle everyday for me. I try not to abuse it too much but it has been a weekly event. They make it so easy to order online & I will never get sick of it. I am convinced. Also – gotta order the chips for dipping.

Sure I wish I was the girl who said that she was craving kale chips, greek yogurt or salad but it ain’t happening. Judge me if you’d like. Also, I am hoping these cravings are a pregnancy thing and will go away after baby boy comes out. That happens, right?

 PS: I was just thinking, maybe my love for Ben & Jerry’s inspired my son’s name! Ha.



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