How I met a celeb while on bed-rest.

I have had my fair share of celeb encounters at the ripe old age of 27. I met a celebrity while sitting in my bed about a week ago and it got me thinking about my other celeb encounters. I only have a couple of good stories but I thought it would be fun to share as a lead up to how I met a celeb while on bed rest! Only thing is, I have no proof for any of them so you are going to have to take my word for it.

My first major encounter was right smack in the middle of my teenybopper lovin’ years so it was pretty epic. My sister’s friend grew up with and was best friends with Amanda Williford, AKA Willa Ford. If you don’t know who she is, all you need to know is that she dated my fave BSB boy band member, Nick Carter. I was dying to get his autograph, meet him, marry him. Whatever. The day arrived when my dream came true. It was the day before I started high school and my sister and I were invited over to her friend’s beach house in Anna Maria. I would not only get to meet Nick but actually hang out with him. Like watch him drink beer and talk about BSB. Anna Maria was a pretty far drive from my house so of course I was prepping in my head what I would say to him. We arrived before he got there and my sister along with the other friends present threatened me and said if I spoke or asked him anything, I would be locked in the bathroom. Duh, I just turned 14 years old, people! I know how to act around my fave boy band member. I can be cool.

Didn’t happen.

He shook my hand like he was the president of the U.S of A. The guy totally knew why I was there and was gonna try to make it difficult for me to “be cool”. He was talking about how BSB just got back from a tour in Europe and Howie got drunk and threw up on the tour bus. I acted like I didn’t care or that I didn’t even know who Howie was. I just sat there quiet. I wanted to ask so many questions. What was the set list? Did he play my favorite song? When is the next music video coming out on TRL? Could I have a lock of his hair to take to school the next day as proof? But, I kept my cool and chilled. That is until Nick’s friend invited me to play Mortal Kombat and Nick decided to sit and watch us play. This was my moment, I was gonna easily strike up a convo and he would realize how cool I really was and we would be friends for life. Nick was wearing a black t-shirt and orange pants from Abercrombie. My brilliant convo starter was asking if he knew if the Abercrombie pants he was wearing came in any other colors. And I was done. We left like 15 minutes after that.

I did see him again the following year after a charity basketball game he was hosting at USF with Brian Littrell. My sister’s friend was staying at his house and she asked my sister for a ride back to the house after the game. My awesome sister knew I was at the event and asked if I could come too, yay! His house was in a gated community in Apollo Beach. He wasn’t there yet but my friend still gave me a tour. I got to touch his MTV moon man award in his office. His infinity pool was pretty sweet but the rest of the house was pretty simple and there weren’t any illicit drugs or remnants of crazy partying to report.We were only there for a little and all I said to him was hi and bye. I remember Willa Ford saying to Nick “Look how much she’s grown up since the last time we saw her!” referring to me.  It was only 7 months later.  They were nice and it was sad to hear they broke it off shortly thereafter.

Next time, I will tell you about some shenanigans that went down on my way and in LA…



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  1. Holly says :Reply

    So I saw your blog post on facebook and decided I HAD to read it! I remember you telling me these stories and discussing our ridiculous obsession with the boy bands. I haven’t been to your blog yet, it’s pretty fabulous and I’m excited to read up on the life of Marty! :) One of these days we need to finally get together! I see you are on bed rest, so maybe I can come see you one cay and we can catch up?? Hope everything is going well! BSB fo’ LIFE! :)

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Haha – our obsession was ridiculous but whatever we were young! I am so happy you came upon and liked it. Come visit me anytime! I am here for an undetermined amount of time so I am free :) I can’t wait to hear about you and your job. Starr told me you love it! Maybe she can come too. I would love to see her. Thanks for commenting :)

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