Friday Night Links.

I just love our pup Ella in this photo. Credit: TaylorMade Photography.

Enjoy some links!

My love Nana is embarking a new career at the NYC landmark, The New York Public Library! So proud of her ;) Here are the 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world.

The most expensive hangers.

I told Jimmy this is what I want for my birthday next year!

My top 3 best dressed Emmy picks: here, here and here.

Jimmy & I laughed and loved (at least, I did!) this performance on XFactor this week.

This iPhone 5 prank by Jimmy Kimmel is pretty hilar and sad at the same time.

If I were rich, I would buy these book plates.

I joined Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters site. Her body revolution campaign is awesome!

xoxo & a feliz friday to you!


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