Weekend Update.

What a weekend!

After the disappointing news I got last week, it was so great to have my spirits lifted. My cousins came in town from Miami and our friends came over to celebrate our soon to be baby boy!

My sister Desi and pseudo sis-in-law Julie planned a baby q couples shower for us and it couldn’t have gone any better. Jimmy & I had a photo session with TaylorMade Photography and I am in love with the sneak peek! Cannot wait to see more.

Also – a shot of my blue door!

I tend to be a flutter-er at parties and like to move and shake around. This party was different since I was on the sofa lounger the whole time but it was such a nice change to just chill and relax with everyone. There were two fun games that everyone played which I will post about in a separate post. I have no photos of Saturday so if you were here and have photos, please send them to me!

I stole this pic from my cousin’s Instagram. My sister made dirt cake. The shower was a classic BBQ theme. It was a hit!

Jimmy & I are so grateful to everyone and their generosity. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. I am such a baby that I couldn’t express that to everyone on Saturday without wanting to cry! The situation I am in has been easier to deal with because of all our friends and family. They mean so much to me and I can’t wait for them to meet our baby!

PS: The baby’s nursery has a subtle airplane theme so I wore some airplane earrings for him :)



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