Abuela Nana.

I am so sad to say this but I lost my Abuela on Friday. She had been sick for awhile and passed from complications on a procedure she had done on Thursday.

She was my last living grandparent and with it being so close to the baby’s arrival, it  has been a bit emotional for me.

She was thoughtful, religious, generous and loving.

My dad sent me this photo and said, “Before she was your Abuela”. Sometimes I am intrigued to know how our grandparents really were before they ever became parents.

My aunt told me yesterday that just two weeks ago my Abuela asked her to take her to a store so she could buy a silk orchid for me. She wanted to send it to me when the baby was born so I had it at the house waiting for me. She got to pick it out and everything. I will definitely treasure that forever.



3 Comments to “Abuela Nana.”

  1. Samantha Park says :Reply

    My grandma passed around the same time. I miss her so much. I hope they meet each other and have as much fun as we did when you were living here…

    1. veepope says :Reply

      I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope they are having a great time drinking 40s and falling on older men, ha! xoxo

  2. Samantha Park says :Reply

    Hahahahaha… I forgot that one. Lmao.

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