top 5.

top 5 things i am lovin’.

1. vacation time – i returned to work and was so happy to discover that i had unused time! i am so appreciative of my bosses who are letting me use it so i can be with this little guy.

2. gywnnie bee – the netflix of cute clothing for size 10 and up. amaze! i signed up for a free trial last friday courtesy of girl with curves and received my clothes on monday. here is the top i received and wore to work. i forgot the belt but i still loved it!

3. ikea’s liatorp center – jimmy & i bought this center a couple of weeks ago but i look at it everyday and get so happy. we still have to fill up the shelves and that just makes me look forward to some thrift shopping!

4. christmas tree – i really love our tree this year. it was under 40 bucks from home depot and it was the perfect size. i love kitschy decor so some of the ornaments are fun like a mug of beer, bucket of popcorn, ice cream…all my faves.

5. julie’s cupcakes – we had julie and tommy over last friday night for dinner. we asked them to be the godparents for the baby! tommy cried (sorry tom, i had to share). it was super special even though it was done while standing in our kitchen and both of them thought i was gonna tell them i was preggers again! anyways – julie makes some damn good cupcakes which is a major reason she is the godmother. jk. i am always so happy when she makes extra so i can have them on the reg.

xoxo and happy wednesday!


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  1. patty says :Reply

    the home looks great!!

  2. Moe aka @biggirlblue says :Reply

    I love Ikea. Need I say more? LOL It looks fabulous. Your floors are so damn shiny too. I would also kill for all that space.

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