one anti-social brunette?

today i got an invite to go to vegas for nikki’s bachelorette party and i looked at my work schedule to see if i was available to go.


i have a baby now! i can’t leave him for a whole weekend and go to the sin city!

last year at this exact time, i was getting on a plane for giannina’s bachelorette party and the only thing on my mind was where i was gonna have my first beer – the airport or a bar? and i was making impulsive decisions like getting bangs ;)


my how times have changed.

and i love it.

it is strange to not be the same vee i was but this new phase of my life is so very, very important. although i will experience many FOMO (fear of missing out) moments, i always remind myself about the memories with the baby i will not be missing out on.

like this little moment caught on video at 6:30am. how am i so chipper? no clue since i had been awake for about 2 hours at this point.

and yes i recognize talking to a baby like this is ANNOYING. but watch yourself the next time you are around an adorable 3 month old. no judging.

ps: i intend on planning a night out for nikki here in tampa since i can’t make it. suggestions are welcome!

xoxo and see you friday!


4 Comments to “one anti-social brunette?”

  1. Kelly says :Reply

    hehe. cute. change is good. benji is delicious! enjoy every moment and keep talking to him like that! ;)

    1. veepope says :Reply

      We miss you Kay ray! Xoxo

  2. nana says :Reply

    I adore this blog…and that little nugget.

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Little nugget says he wants aunt nana to blog again! Xoxo

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