weekend review.

friday night i got home from a long night at work and instantly felt better when i saw my amazon box waiting for me!


the goodies:

when my baby sleeps>>>happier at home<<< design sponge at home>>> young house love<<< benadet sandals>>> taschen’s new york

have you ever filled up a shopping cart with a dream list and then just pulled the trigger?     i couldn’t help it.

all last week my house was getting the remodel treatment.

a) i hired a cleaning lady! it was so necessary and my quality of life has improved exponentially.

b) we painted the house a new color which in turn caused us to paint our door a new color! bye bye bright blue! :(

c) we extended our fence which gives us extra backyard space. i love our lot that we own in the heart of tampa!

d) we got a new roof. which we needed 2 years ago when we bought the house.


all of this was completed just in time for >>>


baby’s baptism

the baby was baptized at the same church as me. he wore his cousin’s outfit because the one a relative from spain sent was too small. my nephew got baptized when he was about 5 or 6 months and my son is 3 months old. chunker. he did so well! no crying.

there aren’t many traditions that i have but it really made me happy to continue this one. i grew up at this church and my intention is for him to go to the same school. i have such wonderful memories growing up there and i hope he has the same.

this list made me lol because it is so true.

also – a 10 year old boy (do not know him) who attends the school came up to the stroller where there was a blanket covering the baby and he asked politely “may i take a peek?” so precious.

ps: thank you for taking the time out to look at the photos. i love all of your comments :)

xoxo & feeling blessed,


4 Comments to “weekend review.”

  1. Christina says :Reply

    Such a fun weekend!!! You have some fab memories captured here :)

  2. veepope says :Reply

    thank you! i love that photo of you and Lucca! cannot wait to capture some more memories with all of our babies :)

  3. Tutu says :Reply

    one of my favorites! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Taschen’s New York :) also cannot wait to meet your little man (and so sowwy I haven’t yet :( ) xoxo

    1. veepope says :Reply

      you were here in spirit! love you. i will read some of taschen’s, send you to the best & live vicariously through you! xoxo

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