weekend review.

even while under the weather, i made sure this weekend was somewhat enjoyable.

one thing i have been wanting to do for so many years is attend st. pete’s farmer’s market.

we finally did!

just to keep it real – jim & i walked in the wrong direction for 15 minutes because while parking we spotted some tents (two) and assumed it was at vinoy park. when we approached the two tents, it was a spinning class! pretty cool that they have that.

the market takes place on the first saturday of every month, which follows their first friday event.

bottom line: it was great!

so many local food stands, arts & craft & tons of dog watching!

the arepa sandwich that i had included a chipotle chicken. it was delish!  we also purchased some awesome brisket & pineapple jerky from jerky rocks.

a close up of my banana & nutella crepe – couldn’t resist.


it was the perfect day to go to this event.

afterwards, we went over to my parents house and watched my nephew play on my dad’s amazing playground!

can’t wait for my little guy to be able to enjoy it too.

actually, i can…

ps: we also said goodbye to our dear friend, mark. he is moving to austin, tx (one of my faves). i am gonna post later tonight two of my fave mark stories.



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