*** edit: on 3/17 i returned to FB. make benji a coverboy!

as previously mentioned, i de-activated my facebook account.


i was talking to a girlfriend who had recently deleted hers & something she said really stood out.

“i was always checking it during dinner or time with my boyfriend”.

shoot – i was worse than that!

***wake up, check. use restroom. check. get dressed. check.”

ok so maybe not that cuckoo but sometimes i felt like it was. i was checking whenever i had to wait for something or someone. lunch hours wasted looking at people’s day to day lives. people who i may not even say hi to in public! people who wouldn’t even say hi to me in public! why? why do we do this? okay. i’ll stop.

i realized then that i have had an FB account for the same amount of time i have been with jimmy.

that is almost 9 years! with no hiatuses.

i am happy to report that after the initial shakes & feelings like i was forgetting to do something, i am okay.

my excuse for staying on was, “oh it’s a great way to be connected to my family who lives far away – blah blah blah”.

the resolve? group text messages. so fun! and so much better than the random likes on posts.

initially the goal was just to give it up for lent but i may be extending my time a bit…

but of course you can still find me here on the blog, here & here!

hey, i am the one social brunette.



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