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“i am so proud of you.”

never has that sentence truly meant the world to me until now.

i accepted a job offer to work for a top 20 fortune 500 company nearly two weeks ago.

i received this message from my tia (aunt in spanish): “congratulations on your new job!! your tio and i are so proud of you. both your sister and you are not afraid to ‘lean in’ and ask for what you want in a job. you both are so deserving of the great jobs you both have. you are both assets to any company!!!”

if you aren’t too familiar with this “lean in” movement, i suggest you read up on it. i just started the book & let me tell you, ‘aha moments’ going off up in here!

here is one of those moments…

“virginia rommety, ibm’s first female ceo, told the audience at the 2011 fortune most powerful women summit that early in her career, she was offered a ‘big job’. she worried she lacked the proper experience and told the recruiter that she needed to think about it. that night, she discussed the offer with her husband, who pointed out, ‘do you think a man would have ever answered that question that way?”

i am grateful to have a husband who is similar in this regard. he encourages me, motivates me & above all, tells me he is proud of me.

i would have never thought that just a mere 5 months after returning from maternity leave, that i would leave the company that basically raised me out of college. it was a tough decision but, one that i am not going to look back on making.

only movin’ forward here, ya’ll.

i got this!



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