addicted 2 apps: vol 2.


iphone cupcakes via nick bilton

i have an iphone & an addiction.

why don’t you come along & join me?


ok, ok. duh, you know this app. but did you know they now have video?

i am so thrilled! i feel pretty bad for vine because this new app update is crushing them. instagram vids are 15 seconds long & there are numerous filters to choose from! also, if you are a fan of the video but not a fan of them instantly playing on your feed, just go to your profile, hit the symbol on the upper right hand corner, scroll to the bottom & under auto-play videos slide it off.


the most popular question i have been getting lately is, what app i use to write & draw on my photos.

photo (42)

it’s the “a beautiful mess” app! i have been following this blog for awhile & adore everything they do. their blog images always have a handwritten font or a cute doodle & the readers really wanted to know how they did that. they teamed up with a company to create this app & it has already become one of the most popular photo apps out there! it is so much fun & there was a recent update that added more text styles & phrases. definitely worth the money if you like your photos to have a scrapbook style.

finally, an app for my fellow friends who love to read & follow blogs.


photo 1 photo 2

if you are a google reader user, sadly you have to switch all of your subscriptions over to a new reader. this is the best one. i love how organized my subscriptions are & how they look! the only downside i have to say is that the updates on the posts are not same time. not sure why it takes them so long to update the posts but nonetheless, love the app.

don’t forget to follow the one social brunette!

ps: just downloaded the cartwheel app by target. holy moly, amazing! savings galore. have you used it yet?



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