friday night link.

there is only one link you need to click on this week.

before i share, a little bit about my primas.

my four cousins, the diez girls, are simply awesome.

they share clothes, they are witty, they are smart & they know how to have a good time.


(me trying to be the 5th diez on my wedding night.)

some deets on these sweets…


caro is the older sister you wish you had; family always come first & you will not catch her looking less than fresh.


cristi, the recently turned 25 year old, is the coachella lovin’ fun girl.


vicki is effortlessly fashionable & simply cool. most laidback cousin i have.


& patty (our tutu) is the family pride & joy. she fulfilled a shared goal: meet justin timberlake. she’s livin’ life in the big city & will soon be a household name ;)

seriously how many good looking pics do they have?!

without further ado, the link you should read this week is on buzzfeed.


19 Times Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Literally Saved The World

nearly 115k views. yeah, she is pretty legit.

xoxo & enjoy your weekend!


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