real wedding envy.

you must watch this before you proceed.

jaclyn is the sister of my good friend randy & i went all “fan-girl” on her when i saw this. seriously one of the most unique weddings i have ever encountered.

she was so gracious to answer some burning questions i had! if there are still some more details you would like more info on, please do not hesitate to comment below & she will answer!

jaclyn & ben had been long distance for about 2.5 years & when she moved to the uk, about a year ago, was thrilled to be with her love at last but missing her family back in the states. when they would discuss wedding plans, they came up with a family reunion feel & a “we are jones” concept. this allowed them to create an extremely special day where everyone who joined them felt like they were a part of their new family, no matter where they lived.

these two are huge music festival & bbq lovers so it was a no-brainer to go after a mash-up of the two for their big day! she discussed some bumps along the road. they had dreamed of a venue, like a cottage or manor home, that would serve as a camping weekend party. they searched the entire west country until they found a place near nailsworth in gloucestershire where ben is from, but it fell through right as they went to contract.

“so there we were in january with no venue and no wedding date, but with the end of august as our target.” – jaclyn


her wedding planner became a miracle worker when she found woodend farm. jaclyn fell in love with it when she went for the first time, saying it was so beautiful she never wanted to leave. the owners had never had a wedding there but were up for helping  jaclyn & ben achieve what they wanted. what a dream!

of course i had to ask about the fire maze moment at the end of the video! woodend farm actually had the maze already. they lit a giant crop circle on fire & all the guests danced through while johnny cash played!

i love what she says right here: “it was the fastest day of my life, & the day i wish had been the slowest”.

her favorite moments were listening to speeches given by her father & best friends. she said the best man gave the most hysterical speech & she loved that moment of standing side by side with ben & laughing their asses off.

finally, as a big harry potter fan i was disappointed in myself for not recognizing the gift she is seen opening in the video. ben gifted her a horcrux (or the fake horcrux, R.A.B’s locket) with the sweetest little note in it. how awesome?! i cannot get over it.

seriously watch the video again done by the amazing camera hannah.

ps: how cute are randy & his wife to be, andrea? take a peek at their little moment in the video at minute 2:38 (i am officially a stalker). cannot wait for their big day next year!



Jaclyn & Ben from Hannah Millard on Vimeo.

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  1. This is THE most fabulous wedding I’ve ever seen with so much personality and fun. Whiskey bar? Vanity Yurt? and a Coffee Truck?? It’s hilarious and sweet all at the same time. I found you via Bloglovin’ and adore your blog layout..

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Isn’t it?! She is so fun & creative. Thanks so much for coming by! xoxo Vee

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