having a child turn 1 is momentous.


it’s a milestone, a marker, a notch.

of course i have photos & videos that capture the last year but when i think about it – his life flashes in a 1000s images at full speed & i get SO SAD. wah wah.


his big day will be celebrated on saturday but today was one filled with emotion for me.

remembering what i was doing every hour. jimmy calling me to tell me, “we were in the hospital at this time”. the unsurety, the calmness, the excitement, the pain, the exhaustion, the scary, the “i can do anything now, i just had a baby” feelings.

so. worth. it.

i definitely know why people keep having babies. all those crazy, sleepless nights. they were just the prep for the milestones, the markers, the notches.

for annoying reasons, jimmy couldn’t take the day off. i mean who really cares about a job, right? ;) but all it took was one “i feel sorry for myself” text to my best friend & she saved the day. i cried when she came up with the plan & i am crying now as i write this.

she, along with my other best lady, threw an impromptu birthday celebration for my baby & all of our babies to enjoy.

a picnic in the park with delicious & sweet babes…

photo (2)


thanks for being such a badass, chica!

photo (3)

oh & also for saving my two mommy fails of the day – no stroller or sippy cup. it’s a miracle i remembered benji ;)

to end our lovely day, my little fam celebrated at outback, our place & landmark.

photo (4)

and to finally end this long long winded post, i wanted to share the video montage colleen putman made for benji & lucas. it is something i will treasure forever.

Lucas & Benji from Colleen Putman on Vimeo.



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  1. Samantha Park says :Reply

    Cutest kids. My heart is melting for Benji’s rolls!!!

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