sick day.

yesterday i was beyond upset.

we found out benji got sick from a virus going around daycare. it bummed me out because we had to cancel our plans for the two days i had off work. we planned to go to busch gardens for the first time & he was going to have his thanksgiving luncheon at school.

today is a different story.

i was reminded numerous times what a blessing it is to have any time spent with him. i had a blast with him at home! just hanging out & watching his new little facial expressions when he discovers a new noise or learns a new skill.

2013-11-20 23.42.15

guys, he’s almost walking. i saw him take two steps the other night. no one else was there & i do have the worst eyesight but it happened, i swear! i was screaming like a mad woman but jimmy didn’t even flinch. ha! he is too used to being married to this loud latina.

tonight while browsing/lurking on facebook, i came across this video.

wow – what a way to put my life into perspective. warning: it’s a tearjerker.

ps: this is my 300th post. woah!



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