happy valentine’s day!

this week’s sippin’ social hour podcast is all about lurve. i know this holiday sometimes gets a bad rap but it’s one of my faves. i love that it gives people a reason to express adoration & show appreciation!

my valentine’s day wasn’t typical but it was easily one of my favorites.

i woke up at my parent’s house with benji so we could escape whatever sickness attacked jimmy. i felt bad but gatorade & tylenol were the only things helping him out. so i woke up without him by my side but i got to take benji with me to work!

reason 536784 i love my employer is that they have a backup daycare. 20 days out of the year, benji can come to work with his mama & have a blast!

for our lunch break, we went over the sweet tooth cakery for the little sweetheart cookie decorating event hosted by the mommy spot tampa! we missed the event but got to see our best friends & chat. of course, can’t forget the sweets!

photo (1)

jimmy isn’t 100% but you wouldn’t be able to tell after seeing the delicious dinner he prepared from fresh market. surf & turf FTW! (no pic included because mama was nearing hangry town)

after dinner, i found a card jennette had given to me & told me to open today.

photo (2)

>>> insert ugly cry <<<

thank you, my awesome friend! you definitely lifted my spirits. xoxo

today certainly reminds me to count my blessings. for great family, friends & love.

photo (3)

i hope you had a wonderful day & thanks for coming by to read about my little life…



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  1. Jennette says :Reply

    Your employer is awesome (and so is surf and turf)! Meeting you was one of the highlights of 2013 and I am so glad I did. You are the best!

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