hope for erin.


last year, i met jennette, erin’s soul sister, & i remember hearing about erin’s incredible journey. jennette & erin were planning the 2nd annual Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Tampa 5K Run & Walk. it was awesome to hear & see a survivor giving back.

unfortunately now, erin needs us again. today erin started her first day of radiation to fight off her second tumor.

she found out just 2 weeks ago & everything happened so quickly but thankfully, she is getting the treatment she needs right now.

i love erin’s strength & positivity. she recently started a video blog.

it’s so awesome to see a community of strangers gathering together to support her. leaving comments, liking posts, donating…they all matter.


the BT5k is on march 29th at al lopez park. adult tickets are $35 & children 6-12 are $20 (under 6, free entry). you will receive a t-shirt, refreshments & there will be entertainment afterwards.  additionally, coming together as a community to encourage & help those who are fighting.

2014 Tampa Bay BT5K Flyer

 i will be attending the 5k run & walk & would love if you would too!

for more of erin’s story: hope for erin, jennette’s story & erin’s mom story.



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