happy mama’s day!

while winding down from this lovely day, i felt inspired to post on this virtual journal of mine! i know i tend to come here lately to do a giveaway or share little tidbits but i thought it would be nice to get a little real.

so today marks another year of celebrating being benji’s mom & i have to say, “what.a.difference a year can make”. every year there is that mixed feeling of “oh my, i’m a mom.” & “heck yeah, i’m a mom!”. it’s been an incredible ride so far. there are ups and downs where one day i feel like i am rockin’ it & other days i am torn up because of a mom fail.

to commemorate this special day, i wanted to take photos of my little boy & i. not to sound debbie downer but i haven’t been feeling too confident physically (which i am making steps to change. yay gym membership!) & became bummed out to discover that benji & i have no decent photos  together.

when marie treat announced her mommy & me mini sessions, i knew i immediately needed to just get over it & do it! i don’t regret them for a second. i feel like the photos truly captured my little family & the joy i have being around my son. i see a woman who completely let go of the insecurities because i don’t have them when i am with him. i love how we just played & interacted.

there were definite toddler tantrums. i brought bubbles but then he just wanted to dump the whole bottle haha. overall, it was so worth it. i can’t wait to frame some of these!

marietreatphotography_Vanessa-1 marietreatphotography_Vanessa-5marietreatphotography_Vanessa-2

marietreatphotography_Vanessa-11 marietreatphotography_Vanessa-17

i hope you were able to enjoy this day with the mother figures in your life! i had my mama & mother in law over today for brunch & i was so content. we gifted them tulip bouquets & gave cheers with our mimosas!

hope we chat soon…

ps: 100 year old mamas talking about motherhood.

pps: going over to my sister’s (also an awesome mama) to watch this! yay!



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  2. Marie says :Reply

    You were absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad you decided to do a session! Benji will love to look at these sweet pics when he is older!

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