#europopes: day 2 (pradoluengo)

we all woke up around noon & spent the morning getting ready. there are 12 of us sleeping in this house. i love big families. especially my own. they take care of us like no other here. i just tried to do the dishes & my prima maria wouldn’t let me since i’m on “vacaciones”.

which brings me to my next thought. i think the way we should define a vacation is if you are able to completely unpack your suitcase once you get to your destination. i feel like if you go somewhere but keep your clothes in your suitcase the whole time, you will come home feeling like it’s time to go somewhere else. do you agree?

anyways, i digress!

yesterday was incredible. we left the house & walked to the town plaza for the ceremony that signifies the start of “las fiestas”. it’s called “el chupinazo”.

one of my cousins, susana is “la reina” this year & i couldn’t feel prouder. i’d insert a photo of me holding her in the same plaza in 1997 when she was a baby but i don’t have it with me & i’ll spare you the god awful glasses i’m wearing.

we hung out with the town, drank some cerveza, walked around then headed back for some lunch.

then it was time to get benji ready for “la Virgen”. the tradition is to bring flowers to the church for the Virgin Mary. i got to do this same thing in 1988 so it was super special to me. i thought he was gonna wear a white shirt we brought but he ended up wearing the same one i did! i got so emotional. it wasn’t until i was walking him down to take the flowers though that it really really hit me. it’s these moments that i live for.

here are photos of back in the day including my amazing grandparents felix y melchora!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

he did so well. i thought he was going to make me hold him the entire time. i can’t wait to see my dads photos but here are some for now!

photo 3 (1) photo 4 (1) photo 5

photo 2 (1)

i hope you are enjoying seeing a piece of this amazing town in spain. jimmy & i talk about having benji come here during the summers like my sister did. it’s the best.

i will have more quality photos to share in the future :)



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