#europopes: day 4

i started off this morning super duper early to partake in the town’s “la diana” tradition. what it entails is walking through the town & visiting la reinas. each stop has some food like morcilla, chocolate.

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basically you are hanging out with the crew who hasn’t gone to sleep AT ALL & have been drinking for like 24 hours. whew.

god, to be young again.

at first i was a little bummed out because it wasn’t totally what i was expecting. i felt kinda old & i wasn’t partying like everyone. it was just my dad & i. watching him made me realize, “who gives a shit about fitting in?”, live by your own rules. also, i got to pass the house that he was born in which made up for the early wake up call.

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a lot of this vacation has been eating, siesta, drinking. it’s pretty amazing.

benji has been such a trip. he entertains us so much. bubbles, repeating spanish words & laughing so hard. we all feel like kids again.

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we also had lunch with my dad’s friends. wow, do they know how to make a spread or what? this was before the lunch entree. nuts.

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at night my dad watched benji while jimmy & i went out. my cousin’s own a pretty fun bar & they have free wifi. holllerrr ;)

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ps: i am behind a couple of days & may have limited access to keeping up with the daily posts! we leave tomorrow for pamplona, wednesday logrono & thursday in barcelona. see ya then, friends!



4 Comments to “#europopes: day 4”

  1. Briony says :Reply

    Looks like you are having an amazing trip… it’s giving me the travel bug :)

    1. veepope says :Reply

      You have to go to Espana! Coffee soon!! xoxo

  2. Brittany says :Reply

    Just found your blog from the Tampa Gals FB group! I am loving looking at all of your vacation pics! I just got back from a month long backpacking trip to Europe, but thanks to you I already want to go back!! :)

    1. veepope says :Reply

      So awesome! I will definitely be checking out your blog! Would love to hear more about your trip :) xoxo

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