friday night faves.

back in that day, not that long ago, i used to have a series called friday night links where i shared my fave links from that week.

well, i present to you the revised version, friday night faves!

sometimes i have videos or pictures i want to share but fear i will congest someone’s feed & be a pest. so why not do it here where there are no rules?! ;)

this week’s faves:

“chipotle-esque” bowl >>>breakfast with brooks >>> my haircut

blogger hangout >>> cookie cup!>>> amazing cheesecake from sweet tooth cakery!

DAY OUT ON THE RANCHthe sweet tooth cakery debuted their newest dessert, the cookie cup, this week! it is a MUST EAT. i got the chance to sneak peek it with some other local tampa bloggers. so much fun hanging out & tasting some sweets. the owner, pam, surprised us with these amazing bourbon banana pudding cheesecake jars to take home. holy. soooo yummy. jimmy & i split it.

my work week of delish was complete when i was invited over to my good friend candace’s house. when she told me about some of the recipes from the junior league cookbook, capture the coast, i knew i was in for a treat! i was indulged with refreshing champagne lime coolers (practically the whole jug), spanakopita phyllo cups & bacon wrapped dates! wow! you know i love dates. this recipe is spectacular! i love how these cookbooks include some amazing recipes from local restaurants like the 1905 salad from columbia. one of my absolute faves!

capture the coast

i could have had all of the dates that she made but i knew i had to take some home to share with jimmy. let’s just say, we are making candace make them every time we see her. ;)

also – tune in to this week’s sippin’ social hour! it’s s awesome having this opportunity to meet these incredible women in tampa!


this week benji had a mini vacation with his pop pop & grandma. daily swims & 24/7 playtime. i love that my little boy is having a blast but i still miss him dearly. :( we are going to be gone for the rest of the month & i wanted him to have that quality time with them. he loves them so much. as do i :)

ps: i leave in 4 days! ah! now, i need to go back to packing.



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  1. Looks like a great week, and a super sweet event ;) We’ll have to get together again soon! It’s been too long!!


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