#100happydays complete (& an announcement!).


hello beautiful! you don’t even know how grateful i am that you take the time to read this blog. maybe you came to look at the pics or find some fun links or maybe you’re just bored at work with nothing else to do. or maybe you’re my number one fan, my dad (hi papi!)  ;) i don’t care. i started this blog in 2008 (<<<first post!) for so many reasons but one constant reason is that i started it for me. i’ve always considered myself a creative even though i am not labeled as your typical one (painter, musician, designer). i love to day dream, write & read. blogs allow me to connect, explore, find inspiration & way, way more. i don’t get tired of the questions; “what is a blog? what is it for?”. i love to share.

this year has been one of my favorite years in the blogging world. i have met some great people through it & i have discovered even more of “my people” through social media. if you know me, you know that i love to connect in real life too. i love to throw parties & attend them. i don’t turn down dinner date invitations. every free day is spent with the ones i love out & about.

 sometimes my social-ness would come to a crossroads.  i would always ask myself if i was over-sharing then i would end up holding back what i truly wanted to share. i cared about the people who would unfollow after i posted another photo of benji or another one of my #100happydays post. i cared what those people thought more than those who matter. this year i discovered how to close the door on them: invest in people who invest in you. (thanks to thealisonshow!)

certainly i have my days where the feelings creep back but then i will go & read a text or an email from someone telling me how they loved the last podcast we published or asking for recommendations on fun mommy & me events in Tampa.

 the #100happydays challenge was a way for me to see the good in my everyday. it wasn’t to brag or pretend i was happy everyday. there were definitely some days that weren’t filled with happy & i was challenged to find the good but i still did. i hope that it inspired you to do the same in your life whether you wanted to publicly display it or not. even more than that, i hope you found out that we had some stuff in common. i hope that you felt a little more connected with me as i do with you when i look at your photos.

so now that the challenge has come to 100 days, you know i was trying to look for the next thing! i decided to do a 30 before 30 bucket list. i will be publishing my list soon to hold myself accountable & to keep track of my progress. maybe you’d like to do a bucket list challenge?! i encourage you to join me!  i would love to start a community where we all remain positive & motivating. you can cheer me on by following along!

<<<i will be using the hashtag #vees30to30>>>

please let me know if you will be joining in & share your hashtags so we can encourage one another. i have 317 days left to get these done so i will be needing all the encouragement i can get!

 thank you so so much again for taking the time to read my thoughts! a big hug & kiss from me to you!



5 Comments to “#100happydays complete (& an announcement!).”

  1. Stephanie says :Reply

    You will always be one of my favorite people for your over-sharing and allowing me to over-share myself. I will join you Vee!

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Love you so much! Thanks for always supporting! xoxo

  2. Renee says :Reply

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures.
    truly love your positivity. Sharing is caring :-)

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Thanks, love! Enjoyed chatting with you today :) xoxo

  3. Pam says :Reply

    Love to read your encouraging words… You inspire me to find the good even when things seem so bad. Keep sharing…

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