life you want weekend: volume 1

on may 25, 2011, i took a half day from work & rushed over to grab some wine & snacks to meet up with my group of girlfriends so we could watch the final oprah show.

we cried & shared our favorite episodes. it was an end to an awesome era.

5 24 2011 Oprah's Last show...

i remember thinking how sad i was that i was never going to see my favorite show live.

ever again.

and then a few months ago, oprah announced that she was going to kick off a tour to only 8 cities, one being miami! after making my 30 to 30 list, i realized i had to get there.


major thank you to my dad & tia joyce for making it all happen!

the “life you want” event was this past weekend & i officially want to rename it the goosebumps tour. oprah & her trailblazers created the most thought provoking event i have ever attended.

i will start by sharing the first night which was just lady o on stage by herself. even from the highest section in the arena, i felt so connected to the moment & her words.

she talked about how there are no accidents in life including one major one she always thought about growing up, herself. she explains that her parents were only together once & then she came along. we all know how that story went. she is now the most powerful woman in the world.

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here are my favorite quotes from this night & a video clip of a fave moment.

“your legacy is every life you have ever touched.”

“you co-create your life with your intention.”

“you become what you believe, not what you want.”

“everything that has happened to you has happened for you.”

“you connect to the spirit if you allow the voices of the world to drown.”

some other thought provoking moments by oprah…

any argument can be ended with these words, “i hear you & understand you”.

when starting a new business or project: you can’t get it right until you get the right people.

you are the master of your fate.

pay attention. your life is speaking to you all the time.

trials happen to allow you to see who you really are.

if you’re still breathing, it means you get a second chance.

ps: i wrote too much in my notebook on day 2 & will need to split the post. if there is anything above you’d like me to elaborate on one on one, do not hesitate in messaging me. i would love to share :)



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