happy 2015!

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hey friends!

hope your first week of january has been inspiring & productive. i just got back from an awesome coffee date with my good friend jessica + her little baby boy teddy. it feels so good to have a goals buddy & planning out “our best year eva”! may sound cheesy but so fun. if you need/want someone to chat goals with for 2015, i’m your girl!

some of the tools & resources i have supplied myself with to keep my momentum for the year are:

emily ley simplified weekly planner + home base kit

lara casey powersheets + make it happen book

jess lively’s podcast + life with intention class

i wanted to update you on my 30 before 30 list that i published on the blog back in september. i crossed off one item because i don’t care about making that a goal so much anymore & who knows i may do that with some of the other items as time goes on! the list serves as a reminder that there are some fun things i would like to do but don’t necessarily have to happen before i turn 30. hopefully you got some inspiration & started your own! please share in the comments below if so.


you can follow the hashtag on instagram” #vees30to30 to see photos that go along with the list. 

the first item i completed was  attending a blog conference, blog fete. it was awesome & i still have/want to post about it!  i went to oprah’s life you want tour & i felt like being there in oprah’s presence was simply enough that my need to physically meet her dissolved. so grateful for that experience. justin timberlake isn’t touring anymore & i can’t physically stalk him nor do i want to haha so that’s off the list! i must have been in a teenybopper mood that night when i wrote it.

one thing i am most proud of to cross off the list is donating clothes older than 3 years! i got inspired from unfancy.com’s capsule wardrobe planner & i dumped out all of the contents in my closet & purged! such a great feeling that i highly recommend.

the financial goals have also shifted. we decided we are going to take a big trip to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary & my 30th birthday this year so, although paying down debt is a priority we also want to save for our california trip! if you’ve been to san francisco & big sur, please give me some recommendations!

“get a food item named after me” is also not a priority or a desire anymore. thought that would be fun but it’s off the list!

my word for the year is: intentional. i just want to be more thoughtful in all aspects of my life. with last year, i felt so go, go,go & plan on taking things a little easy this year & focusing on my health & family. :)

what are your goals or intentions for 2015?

ps: this interview made jimmy & i laugh so hard yesterday i had to share!



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  1. Jessica says :Reply

    Yay! Best day eva, planning for the best year eva! So happy to have you to hold me accountable. Love you! — Jess

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