we had an awesome 2015 & are so excited for what is to come this year!

although it’s almost february, i wanted to share my annual intentions & like lara casey says “there is nothing magical about january 1st”. i purchased her 2016 powersheets workbook & am thrilled with the newest edition. recently, i shared about them on my instagram & three of my girls from bible study ordered them too! it’s been great having an accountability group & i look forward to seeing everyone’s progress. i love choosing a word & last year’s was “intentional” . it was well suited & something i will never forget. it helped me stay focused on making the right decisions & not letting life just happen. this year i chose my word “refine” to help encourage me in that i may not be able to overhaul every aspect of my life but i can focus on refining or making small improvements in each one. i will definitely be sharing more specifics on each goal because i want to be holding myself accountable!


my overall goals this year look a lot different compared to the past couple of ones. i’m definitely leaving room for not doing it all since we will be welcoming our little lady so soon! ahhh, less than a month to go!

my pregnancy has been a true miracle. with benji i was on bedrest for 4 months & this go around i did not have one day bed bound! it is incredible. a new development that has me thanking God every chance I get, is my employer’s announcement to increase the paid maternity leave policy from 12 to 16 WEEKS! so good.

i only had 6 weeks paid with benji & going back to work that first year was pretty difficult. i certainly was not ready mentally (hello post partum hormones) & even physically (getting acclimated to breastfeeding). now that i have the opportunity to experience two vastly different situations in regards to maternity leave, i am fired up about this & want to encourage other mothers in my situation. i want to state that my last place of employment was not horrible. it gave me the solid foundation that i needed to have in order to get to where i am today & i am truly grateful. on the other hand, i want to encourage anyone who is reading & struggling with the decision to leave their workplace because they feel in their gut it is time but don’t want to take the risk: DO IT.  it feels scary because of the unknown but the decision i made has proven to be one of the best ones in my career.

have faith & it will work out, i promise.

now that my maternity leave is extended, i am dreaming up more dreams about that extra precious time i get to spend with both of my children (ahhh plural)! benji will remain in school to maintain his set routine. when the time is right during my leave, i would love to pick him up half days on a couple of the days (the grandparents already do 2 days a week). it is a blessing to get this news, i bawled from gratitude.

can’t say it enough, god is good!

if you are interested in seeing how we are doing while on our break, follow along on periscope: veempope & snapchat: veepope.

ps: come & watch as i periscope a nursery tour tomorrow 1/22 at 9am :)

hope to chat with you soon!



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  1. Karen glisson says :Reply

    So excited for you Vee

    1. veepope says :Reply

      thank you so much, karen! xo

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