january recap & february goals.

we are already in the second month of the year (and baby’s birth month!)

how is that possible?!

 i wanted to pop in & share how i did with my january goals using the powersheets & post about my february goals. this is all to hold myself accountable & also show how true the motto, “progress not perfection” holds.

i encouraged myself at the start of january to soak up my time with jimmy & benji before baby arrives. i didn’t want to be too specific & over plan since that doesn’t work too well in our household. we did a lot of lounging & major nesting! i really am cherishing these moments with my big boy.

we wrapped up all the baby prepping one weekend while benji went off to orlando with abuelo & his primo, lucas! this progress truly deserves it’s own post & billboard announcement because i am so darn proud. we were not prepared AT ALL with benji so to have everything ready & more is a major blessing.

monthly goals:

hospital bags packed – done!

finish nurserydone!

clean out car & get detailed – done!

donate clothes/purses/shoes/toys – done!

unroll email inbox – done!

blog about life updates – done!

also, our master bedroom needed to get a little revamp. i purchased a couch from a salvation army over 5 years ago for our engagement pictures & we eventually used it in our maternity photos with benji. it’s been hanging out in our master bedroom until now! we moved it to the dining room since that is our next room to tackle. i would eventually love to reupholster the couch, get a farmhouse table & some eclectic chairs. keep an eye out for me!


weekly goals:

update budget through the every dollar app: done!

 post in the thrive moms groupdone! & we had a google hangout with 6 total moms. it was so much fun & i hope to do it again this month.

clean out purse: not done :/ need to set a reminder for february to do this to prevent paper clutter.

daily goals:

journal – not very good about doing this at all. i may have done it 2 or 3 times. i am going to focus on writing in my five minute journal every day.

read devotional – done! 

read book club – done! already read my tampa book club book for january (wildflower by drew barrymore – i love her & listened to this on audible. i really miss hearing her stories). i joined the nancy ray book club & finished one of the books (how to win friends & influence people – highly recommend!) & started a bonus book on her list (emotionally healthy spirituality – i am really enjoying this one!)

 in between the goal getting there were some great quality times celebrating & loving my people. meeting with my powersheets posse (we need to settle on a good name!), surprising jess for her birthday & my nephew turning 5!

the month ended in a crushing bang when my papa shattered his femur & knee! he had surgery & is on the mend now. he is an amazing example of positivity & i know his recovery will be somewhat easy with that attitude but your prayers are always welcome.

now, on to some february goals, shall we?


monthly goals:

have a baby!

weekly goals:

meal prep


thrive mom posts

update every dollar app

daily goals:

read bible

read book club

5 minute journal

i tried to keep things to a minimum since it’s going to be a pretty life changing month. i think it’s important to at least have a plan on what i want to accomplish & be intentional, along with giving myself grace when i don’t accomplish it all!

i really want to soak up all the time i have on my maternity leave & document our every day. i never want to forget this magical (& foggy) time & all the little moments that make it so special.

let me know how your goal setting is going & if you need an accountability buddy! i am always here.



ps: i wrote an easy diy valentine’s post on mommy spot tampa & friday night links is coming back! stay tuned. :)

pps: if this little girl isn’t here by friday feb 5th, you can find me at if:tampa! would love to see you there.

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