penelope isla.

it’s so wild & amazing that our precious baby girl has been here for over a month now!

i’m typing this one handed because i just can’t put this sweet girl down.

penelope isla (pronounced eye-lah) arrived on february 23rd (5 days past her due date & 2 days before her scheduled induction) at 7lbs 2oz, 19 in! she has half brown & half red hair! it is awesome. i am so grateful for the answered prayers on her safe & healthy arrival.

we took family photos when she was 1 week old & i picked up the prints & usb today! i am beyond thrilled/grateful/in love with laura gattis’ work. so this is my personal love letter to her!

look how beautifully she packages everything. the details are so special!



since benji was sick when we got home, he wasn’t able to hold penelope until our photos. in a way, i am so happy it worked out as it did because what she captured was simply breathtaking for me.

wm_IMG_4242 copy

he is so proud of her & talks about her every chance he gets. the way he says her name & how he kisses her goodbye every morning before school are heart melting. she is one lucky little sister.

wm_IMG_4245 copy

wm_IMG_4249 copy

this time around i knew i wanted to do photos in a studio. i loved that all i had to do was select outfits (laura helped me immensely too) & show up. i didn’t have to worry about props or my house being super presentable, the nursery looking perfect, etc.

i think it also allowed us to all to get comfortable & enjoy this moment.

wm_IMG_4163_ME copy

wm_IMG_4214 copy

wm_IMG_4256 copy

wm_IMG_4279 copy wm_IMG_4267_ME copy

wm_IMG_4376 copy

wm_IMG_4326_ME copy

wm_IMG_4307_ME copy

wm_IMG_4334_ME copy

life is different with two & there are definitely difficult moments (jimmy & i don’t usually mesh well in the mornings – we are always okay about 30min after we have left for the day lol) but these photos & this video below capture the emotion of how in love we are as a family.

i ugly cried when i watched this.

she is SO good!

i have been trying to savor maternity leave & have intentions on really doing it up! i even have a wishlist of things to do. will definitely be sharing more soon!

 it’s crazy there are 11 more weeks to go & with benji i returned to work at 6 weeks! we have really enjoyed the visits from family & friends, our first trip to target & the library as well as binging on “the wire” (that’s just me lol).

if you want to see more, follow along on snapchat for daily snaps of this fun time & #ourpenelopeisla on instagram to watch her grow :)



4 Comments to “penelope isla.”

  1. I’m trying not to weep at work as I look at these adorable pics of Benji and Penelope. You’re little family is the cutest thing. I’m loving following along on your adventure. Can’t wait to watch these babes grow!

  2. laura says :Reply

    Goosebumps everywhere! Loved revisiting each and every single image – your family is a dream. Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your sweet journey with me. xoxo

  3. Sloth says :Reply

    Love it!

  4. Ali Grace | Cookies & Grace says :Reply

    Gosh these photos are gorgeous. And I’m in love with the name Penelope. So sweet!

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