my first week back to work + why i decided to become a beautycounter consultant!


Hi FRIENDS! It’s been exactly one week since I’ve returned to my full-time job & its been so good being back. I have the most incredible team & boss (even though she despises that word!). The 16 weeks were truly a gift & I will treasure that time forever. Having Penelope with me at work for a little has also been an awesome experience (but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t cry – so I of course I cried haha). I get to visit often (even got to nurse & put her to sleep one day) & seeing her smile at EVERYONE is so special.


Life is good!

So good that I am THRILLED to announce that I am a newly branded Beautycounter consultant!

This story begins last December when I was enjoying lunch at Oxford Exchange with my great friend, Marie. She was discussing the many ways she was implementing a conscious way of living. I was enlightened & inspired. One of the many companies that she introduced me to in that conversation was, Beautycounter.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little overwhelmed with all of the details & appalling facts that I learned from visiting their website. Some of the notable facts I feel compelled to share with you right now through this video.

On the other hand, I was inspired to delve into a more conscious lifestyle but, I didn’t know where to begin.

A month later, I attended an online social to learn more about their mission & products. I ordered the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer & Touch Up Concealer Pen. A couple of days later the products arrived & I was instantly hooked! I was pleased with the coverage of the tint & it satisfied me to know that the ingredients were all safe.

It got me very excited & then I began planning out how I was going to slowly replace other items in my makeup bag as well as my bathroom shelves. Amy graciously dropped off her entire collection at my house for a couple days. It felt like such a treat & it was so much fun to try out all the different products. I enjoyed the shampoo, body wash, protective balm (great for my nursing mamas!) & more makeup. I decided to come up with a wish list of items that I wanted to gradually buy & the first ones purchased were the kids body wash & sunscreen.

I learned that hosting my own social would help with that since there are so many benefits & incentives. Working with Amy was such a great experience & supercharged my desire even more.


I really love how Beautycounter stands for progress not perfection. It’s one of my favorite mantras. Almost 6 months later I still wanted all in with this company. I talked about it with Jimmy, & with his incredible support, decided that becoming a consultant was the perfect fit for me. I’m using this opportunity to kickstart a more conscious way of living in all aspects of my life. I love that being in this community since Friday has already spurred me in so many ways. Having access to highly educated women in this field is priceless to me. There are so many exciting events happening & I want to continuously share with my family and friends information that can positively impact them.

Which leads me to my next point…

Last year, I came up with an idea to create a newsletter where I would intentionally curate all the things that were currently inspiring me. Recipes, books, podcasts, restaurant recommendations & more! I called it “Vee-mail”.  I was bummed I didn’t actually launch it but then I revisited this idea & I’m happy to share Volume 1 of Vee-mail is available!

I would love for you to sign up to receive some positivity & fun in your inbox.

Thank you so much for your love & support on this journey. Liking & sharing my posts & even educating me on the different ways that you are consciously living. If this resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me so we can talk more.

Let’s do this!

Xoxo – Vee

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