A New Look!

Hello, beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by this morning. I know how busy life can be & I truly am grateful for the time you are taking out of your day to visit this special space of mine.

Some fresh blooms in my home.

This year’s one little word that I picked couldn’t have been more perfect. Refresh. It was my own personal reset button. Something to remind me that not all is lost if things don’t go exactly as planned. Five months into the new year & I still keep hitting that imaginary button.

Take now, for instance, I am “relaunching” this site I have had since 2008! I cannot believe it has been that long! From just graduating college to now being married with two children & a full blown career in training others. It has definitely gone through it’s own evolution. Although evolutions can bring out the awkward in me, those growing pains & in between moments, they can bring the BEST connections & experiences.

I wanted to continue that in a very intentional way so I reached out to my dear friend, amazing designer, Diana Megan. She helped me immensely in creating a feel that truly reflects how I have intended this space to look like during this season of life. Without a doubt, this is exactly how it needs to be. With this new look comes a source of creativity that is just exploding at the seams for me. I have so much to share about how my life has looked the past couple of years, the learned lessons & the continued dreams. All this in hopes that I can connect more with those around me.

My fave spot to blog these days.

There are three new categories: lifestyle, work & wellness. Lifestyle is just my basket of all the things I feel like sharing with you. The fun adventures with Benji (cannot believe he is FOUR!) & Penelope (14 months of sweetness!), travel, local events, anything & everything. Work will touch on some of the inspiration I have gleaned from books, podcasts, & watching interviews. Tips I feel that can help you whether you work in a corporate office or at home. Wellness is more of my accountability section. It is where I would like to dig deep into what I am learning about my health, mental & physical! Self development tools & what I am doing to focus on feeling WELL.

The shop tab is in the early stages & for now showcases all of my favorite Beautycounter finds! Expect to shop actual books or products I recommend in the future. :)

My hope is you feel connected with the content & leave rejuvenated, inspired & ready to rock the world. Once again, so happy you are here! Let’s keep connecting. Xoxo – Vee

4 Comments to “A New Look!”

  1. So proud of you and happy I get to follow along. Can’t wait to read, since I know you have a full heart with lots to share with all of us. Love you!

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Thank you for always being so supportive! Love you!

  2. Marie Treat says :Reply

    VEE!!!! This website is absolutely gorgeous!! I can not wait for all of your new blog posts! This is literally everything I love in one place! <3 <3

    1. veepope says :Reply

      Ahhhh so happy you love it! Thank you so much for sharing too! xoxo

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