Our Family Photos.

A couple of weeks ago we met our friend & incredible photographer, Marisa Stone, at our house & took family photos at our favorite trail! She captured so many beautiful moments & I am so excited to share them. We have not taken professional family photos since Penelope was born so these are truly a gift

You guys, I need to be stopped from purchasing more books. I buy all the books, all the time. On Audible or Amazon, I have no boundaries. My love for books is something my mom passed down to me. I remember vividly hanging out at the library on Saturdays while she got in some free time

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Perfect Strangers.

I want to tell you about a moment that changed my life two years ago (dramaaatic but for real). I was checking out a local interior design store with a coffee/tea bar called Rare Hues. I walked around, took photos of the items that were inspiring me & then decided to treat myself to a

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