You guys, I need to be stopped from purchasing more books. I buy all the books, all the time. On Audible or Amazon, I have no boundaries. My love for books is something my mom passed down to me. I remember vividly hanging out at the library on Saturdays while she got in some free time

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Perfect Strangers.

I want to tell you about a moment that changed my life two years ago (dramaaatic but for real). I was checking out a local interior design store with a coffee/tea bar called Rare Hues. I walked around, took photos of the items that were inspiring me & then decided to treat myself to a

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A New Look!

Hello, beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by this morning. I know how busy life can be & I truly am grateful for the time you are taking out of your day to visit this special space of mine. Some fresh blooms in my home. This year’s one little word that I picked couldn’t