i had so much fun dreaming up baby penelope’s nursery. with benji’s nursery i felt like i was all over the place even though i had picked a theme. this time around i just wanted to pick colors i loved & create a fun & vibrant space. this room is now my favorite in the


we had an awesome 2015 & are so excited for what is to come this year! although it’s almost february, i wanted to share my annual intentions & like lara casey says “there is nothing magical about january 1st”. i purchased her 2016 powersheets workbook & am thrilled with the newest edition. recently, i shared about them on my


i just got so nostalgic & went through some old blog posts. i just love this little corner of the internet i have moved into over the years & get to call my own. seriously, if you want to start a blog, just do it. it is so fun to see how much you have

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