11 months.

he mocks us when we eat, loves peek a boo, has 6 teeth (more coming through), points a lot, recently discovered he loves watching edward sharpe & the magnetic zero’s ‘home‘ at 5:30 in the morning, crawls like a maniac, stands up so well, gets into everything, makes us laugh, smiles so much… gosh, my list

yesterday was one of my favorite days off! jimmy & i took benji to the lowry park zoo! the company i work for gave employees free passes this month & i had to take advantage. my favorite part was seeing the 5 week old baby elephant & her mama. watching the penguins eat was adorable too!


last month’s milestones were poppin’ left & right. crawling. giving kisses. what we crack up about the most is when he is playing with a block & he raises it up to the sky then just starts yelling in his own language. jimmy & i have tried & failed to capture this perfectly on film.

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