i just got so nostalgic & went through some old blog posts. i just love this little corner of the internet i have moved into over the years & get to call my own. seriously, if you want to start a blog, just do it. it is so fun to see how much you have

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last year’s birthday was a far cry from prior birthdays. i wasn’t even allowed to go to a restaurant! it was sad but completely worth it. so, i surprised myself this year when i was asked what i wanted to do for the big 2-8. maybe you saw this foto on my instagram? all i

Birthday love.

I am spending the day with the hubby aka baby daddy aka Jimbob! Top 5 reasons I love him: 1) Amazing cook. Even if there are leftovers, he always makes home made dipping sauce to go with the dish. If it is a dish he has made before, we always agree that it was his