our new friends from the give & grub food truck invited benji & i to learn more about their organization last thursday & what an incredible one it is! it’s truly heart wrenching knowing there are children in our country that do not know the next time they will be able to eat a meal. sitting

#europopes: day 3

          warning: not sure why photos are sideways on iphone. if you know how to fix let me know :) the best part of the fiestas for me have to be the churros. it takes me about 20 minutes longer to get than it should due to running into a cousin

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friday night faves.

back in that day, not that long ago, i used to have a series called friday night links where i shared my fave links from that week. well, i present to you the revised version, friday night faves! sometimes i have videos or pictures i want to share but fear i will congest someone’s feed &