i just got so nostalgic & went through some old blog posts. i just love this little corner of the internet i have moved into over the years & get to call my own. seriously, if you want to start a blog, just do it. it is so fun to see how much you have

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it’s already june!

hello hello! how is it june already? may came & went with no posts! that month was spent celebrating birthdays & engagements, starting a thrive moms group for tampa moms & travelling to california! if you had a moment to check out thrive moms mentioned above & you are interested, please click here & join us.

our new friends from the give & grub food truck invited benji & i to learn more about their organization last thursday & what an incredible one it is! it’s truly heart wrenching knowing there are children in our country that do not know the next time they will be able to eat a meal. sitting