Our Family Photos.

A couple of weeks ago we met our friend & incredible photographer, Marisa Stone, at our house & took family photos at our favorite trail! She captured so many beautiful moments & I am so excited to share them. We have not taken professional family photos since Penelope was born so these are truly a gift

Perfect Strangers.

I want to tell you about a moment that changed my life two years ago (dramaaatic but for real). I was checking out a local interior design store with a coffee/tea bar called Rare Hues. I walked around, took photos of the items that were inspiring me & then decided to treat myself to a

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A New Look!

Hello, beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by this morning. I know how busy life can be & I truly am grateful for the time you are taking out of your day to visit this special space of mine. Some fresh blooms in my home. This year’s one little word that I picked couldn’t

penelope isla.

it’s so wild & amazing that our precious baby girl has been here for over a month now! i’m typing this one handed because i just can’t put this sweet girl down. penelope isla (pronounced eye-lah) arrived on february 23rd (5 days past her due date & 2 days before her scheduled induction) at 7lbs 2oz, 19

it’s already june!

hello hello! how is it june already? may came & went with no posts! that month was spent celebrating birthdays & engagements, starting a thrive moms group for tampa moms & travelling to california! if you had a moment to check out thrive moms mentioned above & you are interested, please click here & join us.

our new friends from the give & grub food truck invited benji & i to learn more about their organization last thursday & what an incredible one it is! it’s truly heart wrenching knowing there are children in our country that do not know the next time they will be able to eat a meal. sitting

on saturday night, i had hands down one of the best meals in a long time! we went on a road trip to miami this weekend to visit with family & celebrate my little cousin’s birthday. i felt like i hit the jackpot when i found out my cousins who now live in dc, nyc

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freshly picked giveaway!

i am so thrilled to be partnering with one of my favorite companies today for a fun giveaway… ,Freshly Picked! image from their new spring collection. not only do i adore the entire collection of moccasins (and totes!), i admire the founder, susan petersen, & have been amazed watching her success! she is an inspiring entrepeneur