we got annie!

my mom jokes, “annie was my babysitter” but the truth was my sister & i were obsessed. i look back fondly at those times spent in the living room with my older sister singing & dancing, hating miss hannigan & wanting a cute dog just like sandy to follow me around town. annie, the tony

hey hey! i’m slowly working my way back to my old self. i spoke in more detail on last week’s sippin’ social hour podcast about my computer being stolen & blog slog. have a listen & don’t forget to subscribe for our future podcasts. we have some great topics comin’ your way! when the opportunity

#europopes: day 8 (logrono)

our next stop was logrono which we were looking forward to for so many reasons. first, my cousin rosabelita lives here. she is the first born of the cousins. her father & my father are brothers. due to the distance, it is hard to see her so i was super grateful for the quality time

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#europopes: day 7 (pamplona)

we left pradoluengo early this morning. it was a bit emotional for me to leave my cousins. the night before we had spent some quality time together chatting about the history of the house & my abuelo. my tio pancho told me that before he ever met my tia dori, he had fixed my father’s

editor’s note: this post was written a couple of weeks ago & then wifi connectivity was lost. i will be posting as much as i can in these next few weeks. i never want to forget this incredible trip. i also have a travel journal with daily entries. i am a nerd for collecting memories.

#europopes: day 4

i started off this morning super duper early to partake in the town’s “la diana” tradition. what it entails is walking through the town & visiting la reinas. each stop has some food like morcilla, chocolate. basically you are hanging out with the crew who hasn’t gone to sleep AT ALL & have been drinking for

#europopes: day 3

          warning: not sure why photos are sideways on iphone. if you know how to fix let me know :) the best part of the fiestas for me have to be the churros. it takes me about 20 minutes longer to get than it should due to running into a cousin

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we all woke up around noon & spent the morning getting ready. there are 12 of us sleeping in this house. i love big families. especially my own. they take care of us like no other here. i just tried to do the dishes & my prima maria wouldn’t let me since i’m on “vacaciones”.

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