i am writing to you from pradoluengo, spain! today was the first day of las fiestas. right now i am enjoying a siesta (can we please implement this one day?! we arrived to madrid via philly on wednesday morning. what an adventure! benji did well overall. the connection wait time was short lived so he

friday night faves.

back in that day, not that long ago, i used to have a series called friday night links where i shared my fave links from that week. well, i present to you the revised version, friday night faves! sometimes i have videos or pictures i want to share but fear i will congest someone’s feed &

happy mama’s day!

while winding down from this lovely day, i felt inspired to post on this virtual journal of mine! i know i tend to come here lately to do a giveaway or share little tidbits but i thought it would be nice to get a little real. so today marks another year of celebrating being benji’s

last night’s launch party for the newest (amazing!) website, the mommy spot tampa, was magic! it was so awesome to be surrounded by some truly inspiring women & most importantly see the culmination of what my best friend has been working towards for the past six months. you know me, i love a good party

my sweeties on the busch gardens skyride (while i am at work. blergh.) this spring has been one of my favorites so far. the weather has been pretty perfect for us to enjoy as much as we can in this great city! spring cleaning is always a reminder of unfinished projects, ya know? i hate

hope for erin.

last year, i met jennette, erin’s soul sister, & i remember hearing about erin’s incredible journey. jennette & erin were planning the 2nd annual Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Tampa 5K Run & Walk. it was awesome to hear & see a survivor giving back. unfortunately now, erin needs us again. today erin started her first day of

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happy valentine’s day!

this week’s sippin’ social hour podcast is all about lurve. i know this holiday sometimes gets a bad rap but it’s one of my faves. i love that it gives people a reason to express adoration & show appreciation! my valentine’s day wasn’t typical but it was easily one of my favorites. i woke up

we cancelled cable.

2014 has brought some big changes in the pope household! jimmy left his job of 5 years to focus on finishing his CPA. it was a tough decision but one we knew was necessary in order for both of us to accomplish our goals & stop putting them off. prior to him leaving, we had to