DIY: Pope Style.

Jim and I have 76 days to go but we have already started on the baby’s nursery and bathroom in anticipation for this baby boy’s arrival! Our house has taken quite a journey when it comes to remodeling. When we moved in two years ago, we completely remodeled our master bedroom, bathroom, closet, kitchen, living

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The lil’ things.

Goodbye tile, hello carpet! So it isn’t a quality shot of his nursery but this just got me so excited. We are going to order his crib tonight and should be getting some other furnishings soon. Babycenter says I have 90 days to go! Let the fun begin :) xoxo, vee

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Nursery conundrum.

Since I have some extra time on my hands these days, I find myself always searching for the inspiration I need to finalize this baby boy’s room. He won’t be using his room for a few or even several months after he arrives, and he certainly will not care what I decide to do with it,