my sweeties on the busch gardens skyride (while i am at work. blergh.) this spring has been one of my favorites so far. the weather has been pretty perfect for us to enjoy as much as we can in this great city! spring cleaning is always a reminder of unfinished projects, ya know? i hate

hope for erin.

last year, i met jennette, erin’s soul sister, & i remember hearing about erin’s incredible journey. jennette & erin were planning the 2nd annual Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Tampa 5K Run & Walk. it was awesome to hear & see a survivor giving back. unfortunately now, erin needs us again. today erin started her first day of

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happy valentine’s day!

this week’s sippin’ social hour podcast is all about lurve. i know this holiday sometimes gets a bad rap but it’s one of my faves. i love that it gives people a reason to express adoration & show appreciation! my valentine’s day wasn’t typical but it was easily one of my favorites. i woke up