saturday while i was at nikki’s bridal shower, jimmy & pete constructed this… my heart fills with such joy to see jimmy as a dad. it truly is the most beautiful thing. we discussed painting it a fire engine red. cannot wait to see the end product! benji is one lucky bebe. yes, jimmy is

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weekend review.

i’ve always been a social butterfly & love packing my weekends with non-stop fun but some of the best weekends are the ones filled with NO PLANS! that was how this weekend was & i loved every minute of it. friday night jimmy & i had a much needed date night at our fave joint,

Happy Gasparilla Day!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! The Gasparilla Day Parade is an event that I have not missed for the past 10 years! Gone are the days of going to Xtreme Juice at 8am for some delicious mixers. My Gasparilla consists of a fun filled family day on Davis Island. My baby

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