we are already in the second month of the year (and baby’s birth month!) how is that possible?!  i wanted to pop in & share how i did with my january goals using the powersheets & post about my february goals. this is all to hold myself accountable & also show how true the motto, “progress


we had an awesome 2015 & are so excited for what is to come this year! although it’s almost february, i wanted to share my annual intentions & like lara casey says “there is nothing magical about january 1st”. i purchased her 2016 powersheets workbook & am thrilled with the newest edition. recently, i shared about them on my


i just got so nostalgic & went through some old blog posts. i just love this little corner of the internet i have moved into over the years & get to call my own. seriously, if you want to start a blog, just do it. it is so fun to see how much you have

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happy 2015!

(photo from shay cochrane) hey friends! hope your first week of january has been inspiring & productive. i just got back from an awesome coffee date with my good friend jessica + her little baby boy teddy. it feels so good to have a goals buddy & planning out “our best year eva”! may sound

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on may 25, 2011, i took a half day from work & rushed over to grab some wine & snacks to meet up with my group of girlfriends so we could watch the final oprah show. we cried & shared our favorite episodes. it was an end to an awesome era. i remember thinking how sad i

#vees30to30: 312 days left!

hope your weekend has been amazing! i got some quality time in with my little boy. we went to stroller strides for the first time, the carrollwood market & fun times at his abuelos’ with his primo splashing around & swinging.  i have been pushing myself a lot these days & i owe part of that

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hello beautiful! you don’t even know how grateful i am that you take the time to read this blog. maybe you came to look at the pics or find some fun links or maybe you’re just bored at work with nothing else to do. or maybe you’re my number one fan, my dad (hi papi!)