You guys, I need to be stopped from purchasing more books. I buy all the books, all the time. On Audible or Amazon, I have no boundaries. My love for books is something my mom passed down to me. I remember vividly hanging out at the library on Saturdays while she got in some free time

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Hi FRIENDS! It’s been exactly one week since I’ve returned to my full-time job & its been so good being back. I have the most incredible team & boss (even though she despises that word!). The 16 weeks were truly a gift & I will treasure that time forever. Having Penelope with me at work for a

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working mama.

one of the questions i got many times while pregnant & even now is what i was going to do about work after having benji. it was very easy for jimmy & i to come up with our post preggo plans. i was to return to work after 6 weeks of maternity leave & our